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What good am I to you if I can't be broken?

You'll get yours, eventually.

5/21/12 01:57 pm - Writer's Block: Home Sweet Home

Where do you live? Be as general or specific as you would like. What do you like most about living there (or why do you hate it and wish you lived somewhere else)?

I live in Michigan.
I love it. Perfect amount of camping places, woods, water/lakes, and also city areas. It's not too far away from that many places to have fun at.
I can deal with the winter these days, and the summers are generally perfect =]

5/21/12 01:55 pm - Writer's Block: Mom, I'm Board

What traditional board or card game is your favorite? Tell us a favorite story about playing the game with friends or family.

I love cribbage.
I only just learned it like 3 years ago, but I will be playing it for many years to come.
I remember playing with Megan in Missouri and we were speaking in Spanish, it was great.

5/20/12 04:14 am - Writer's Block: Local Favorite

You're having guests for the weekend -- what one local restaurant is at the top of the list for your visitors, and what dishes will you be recommending? (Links to the restaurant's website always welcome, in case readers are ever in your area!)

Well, I haven't frequented many local places, unless you can count Tony's, which is rather widespread throughout Michigan... I still consider it local though!

5/20/12 04:11 am - Writer's Block: Ticket, Please

What is your favorite vacation spot in the world and why do you love it so much -- is it the activities, the people, the sheer beauty, etc? Would you live there full time if you could, or do you prefer to keep it as a special treat?

It's hard to pick just one... I love some areas in Mancelona...
but I also love mountains, and so when I visited the Great Wall and El Paso, I just was taken away.
I deal with what I have, though.

Since I'm living near the mountains for a year, I guess we will see if it 'ruins' the special treat

5/16/12 12:04 am - Writer's Block: Friend Me

They say love lasts three years -- what about friendship? How many people are you still friends with that you were three years ago? Whose lost friendship do you miss the most?

I'm still friends with a lot of people that I've known for years...
Some of them I don't talk to that often, which can be disappointing but there are only so many hours to the day.
There are a few friends that I don't talk to at all anymore, and may not talk to for a very long time.
I've learned that eventually I stop missing them, and only cherish the time that we had, as we will never have that back again.
Of course I miss them from time to time, but then I remember that we are at different points in life and that we all have our own friends who mean the world to us.

5/7/12 11:29 am - Writer's Block: Ain't Easy Being Green

Today is Earth Day -- what steps do you take in your life to help protect the planet? What change do you wish more people would make?

I try to recycle and reuse things as much as possible. I am aware of other steps I could take, like driving less, buying local, etc.
I wish to practice more of those, and I wish others would too.
Buying local/growing your own food is probably one thing that we should all do more of.
Oh, and driving less. Yes, driving less. Let's walk, bike, skate, etc more to work, school, anywhere.

5/7/12 11:27 am - Writer's Block: No Thanks

What food traditionally considered to be a delicacy are you quite sure you can live without ever trying? Similarly, what food or drink have you always wanted to try but haven't had the chance to yet?

escargo? probably. I don't like seafood so no thank you.
I can't think of any food or drink that I want to try, I'll try whatever passes me by.

5/7/12 11:26 am - Writer's Block: Creative Expression

Did something or someone inspire you to do something creative today? (Assume 'something creative' to mean whatever you want it to mean.) What was it that inspired you, and what was the result of this inspiration -- post pics of the result if you have them!

Not yet, but I hope to start to continue to clean my room a bit, and believe me that's going to need some creativity =p

5/7/12 11:25 am - Writer's Block: Letters from Home

Do you still write letters to friends or family? (Actual written letters, not emails.) Does a handwritten letter mean more to you when you receive one, or do you find yourself wishing they'd typed it out so it was more legible?

I had written a few to my friend megan, but that was the last time.
I think handwritten letters would be cool! But no one does them and I don't care either way I guess.

4/26/12 01:12 pm - Writer's Block: Words of Comfort

What is your favorite place to curl up and read a new book? What are you reading now that you can't wait to get back to once your day is done?

I don't care where I read, necessarily.
Usually somewhere that I don't fall asleep reading, so at school is a good place.
I do enjoy reading outside particularly, and also in bed and on the couch, but I generally fall asleep within an hour. hah.
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